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August 20, 2009


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Emery Sprau

Ooh! I love that sweater. ^_^

You're not the only one with the Yellow and Gray fever!

One part of my living room's wall is painted sunrise yellow and our door frames are painted dark gray. Imagine that. Hahaha! But it went well since the rest of the room was painted white.

Yellow and gray look great together, right? =p


I love this grey/yellow combo. I found you via goodle images for blue yellow family room.

In in the process of buying a new sofa/couch for our living room.

I'm ADD also and simplifing my decorating/dressing has been a blessing.

Really enjoyed stopping by - oodles of fun and informative posts. I hope to stop by again, if I am not distrated before I add you to my internet favorites!

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