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November 24, 2009


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I haven't been to TJs in awhile. Those look worth the trip. YUM!

Lois Estrada

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family......Thank you for all the good "foodie" ideas this year...looking forward to many more...


do u get them in toronto canada?


1000 layer crackers are ...dating myself here...to die for!! They really are one of a kind, lend themselves to sweet or savory uses. Did I mention that I'm addicted to them??

Linda C.

But now that TJ has discontinued the most luxurious delicious cracker of all time...1000 Layer Crackers...WHERE can I still purchase some? they are heavenly!!!and I Have to have them!!! Does anyone out there have clout? Beg TJ to reinstate them? Please. L


I agree that they are the best cracker ever. And as far as the wrapping, it makes them even better because they last longer on the shelves. Plus they are very elegant when serving them to guest. I am from Claifornia and they were discontinued over 4-5 months ago. I read on one of the blurbs online that they come from China, but I can't find them. Has anyone tracked them down, I also read that they are by Kraft? Does ayone know the Brand name or manufacturer? If yes I may be able to track them, as I am in the manufacturing business.


While my sister was shopping at a food bank, she came across these 1000 Layer Crackers and ultimately allowed me to taste them. I TRULY like these crackers and have been literally searching for them for SEVERAL months! I actually touched my computer screen when I saw the EXACT same pictures of thee most delicious crackers in the world! I cannot find these crackers anywhere! I went to Trader Joe’s website, as well as my local grocers: Safeway, King Soopers and Albertsons and no one seems to know how they arrived here in Aurora, Colorado. (In my fantasy world, the cracker-fairy dropped these crackers here in the West, allowed the people to desire them so much, that they would pay just about anything to get their hands on them.)
I REALLY enjoy these crackers with my vegetable only soup. Since I ate all my 1000 Layer Crackers, my meals have not been the same. Where do I purchase them here in Denver Colorado and/or Aurora Colorado?

. perry jones

now that traders joe has me hooked on 1000 layer crackers they have been discontinued. come on tj bringem back or at least tell us where we may purchase same mac


I agree with all of you. They were absolutely the BEST BEST crackers in the world. I have been unaable to get them out of my mind since i tasted them. If anyone knows where to get some please share the love...: )

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